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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 17, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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league is rigged. good day drives you right to the great northeast, join us right now at frankford and cottman for a morning full of local favorite and fun. wave. >> hi. >> hey. >> isn't this a beauty. we are here, it is here. >> the brand new mazda cx9. >> it is here. >> this is how you pull up. >> that is how you do it. >> hi everybody. >> do you hear that drum role. >> drum role please. >> now listen to this, let me shut that off. this is actually the car. >> this is it. >> this is the actual suv that we will give a way so you need to put yourself this that seat right there. >> look at how the shiny. >> this is it.
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>> it has a new you car smell, yes. >> i have to tell you alex holley it is bigger then i thought it was. >> it is. >> do you think we can just keep it, do we have to give it back. >> we will have another finalist today. >> yes, we will,. >> look at the size of this. >> you will get to meet a finalist today too. >> that is right. >> hi, may fair. >> hey. >> hello. >> how many times have we heard bob kelly talk about frankford and cottman. >> a lot of times. >> now we're here. >> come on over here. >> a lot of people coming out here. we will get this whole thing organized. >> we hope more people will show up too. >> where did bob go because bob has been talking about it but where is he. >> okay, open up the doors hello mayfair. look the at gang that rode with me from frankford and bridge.
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we got a jelly doughnut. jelly doughnuts. come on, georgey. i see them over there hold on, come on, george. we're coming, hold on, hurry up, frankford and cottman right here in northeast philadelphia. if you remember this is one of the big corners where ever we had a big champion ship or a celebration, we have everybody crowd this whole entire intersection. i see you over there. we're coming. hold on as soon as we get the light. >> here we go. come on. hello mayfair. >> way too excited. >> difficult come up frankford
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avenue and made some pit stops along the way. >> are you in your element. >> where did you grow up. >> i grew up in brideberg, this is northeast philadelphia, mayfair. i bought my records over here, we went to the mayfair dine are you got pretzels, flowers. >> so lets do all that today. >> what will you say. >> joan from port richmond. >> with her "good day philadelphia" shirt. >> she makes it out every where we go. >> she sure does. >> riding bus with bob kelly doesn't get any better than. that i'm not in trouble because it is not raining. it is seven out of ten today because there are places where it is and that is why buddy has the umbrella but not for us here in the city and the suburbs. temperatures are in the 60's. we have to go further south to find that rain, let's say from kent county, delaware on south, a and then it is raining, now in the process of slowly leaving cape may county in new jersey. so here at the airport we're
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seeing some filtered sunshine. it is 65 degrees. 07 percent relative humidity, northeasterly wind at 6 miles an hour, plan on increasing amounts of sunshine as the day goes along and even that rain will go south and east of the city. sun does not set until 8:32. it is the last, it is the last friday of spring, because summer starts on monday. we will have the forecast for fathers day weekend coming up, bob, you are really having fun already this morning is that a lot of jelly doughnuts you had? i think so. >> we had a couple jelly doughnuts when we started out that trip up there at frankford and bridge street. we had jelly doughnuts for everybody on the bus trip and we are here now at frankford and cottman avenue. let's get you outside and get started as you get ready for your friday morning rush hour. lets look live at the pennsylvania turnpike northbound an accident right at the lansdale exit, the left lanes are blocked there. it is right before lansdale so if you are leaving from say
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mid county, you will have a delay. how is your curve this morning? let's check conshohocken curve. live lot the at the schuylkill expressway. we will have some sun glare this morning and then downtown we will go, volume rolling on the vine street expressway, in center city philadelphia but all roads lead to northeast philadelphia here, behind me we have a recycling truck to give you more information. you know that old computer that is hanging out in the office or garage? we will give you a way to dispose of it properly. come on by frankford and cottman mike abe alex, back over to you guys. >> we're back. >> are you all right. >> yes. >> here's the thing we go on these live shows we have interns out here with us. >> like alexa. >> they wear lovely red shirts. >> would you be our sample intern. >> where do you go to school. >> temple university. >> we have five or six or seven interns. >> we are missing our patience carter though she would be out here normally with us.
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>> we want to say we are thinking of you patience and hope you are getting better. we showed you a picture in her shirt because she has her fox 29 shirt. >> if you watch every day you know what we're talking about. she was shot in both of her legs during that massacre in orlando, florida last early sunday morning. we have been talking to her every day. she got to meet the president yesterday. how great was that. we miss you patience and we will see you back here in philadelphia very soon i hope. >> good job, a alexa. >> thank you. >> who is holding down the fort today. >> lauren and karen? here we are, thank you guys. lets get to your top stories this morning. spring garden a hit and run send two teenagers to the hospital. >> witnesses helped police quickly catch the suspect driver in this case. will lets get out to steve keyly with what we know, steve. >> reporter: there were witnesses and friend of these guys. we're talking about five teens on four bikes. they were riding those bicycles southbound toward
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city hall but they were in the northbound lanes. of course, bike with the two kid hit on on by what the other kid says was was a speeding red sports car. other kid had their phones and they call 911 instantly. sixth district cops got here just as fast. because those teens not hit, they were here on the scene, brought back, you see, they pick up that are own bikes after talking to the officers. they were able to tell police a great description of the car. cops were on top of the car right around the corner almost instantly, able to find this red lexus, and the male 34 year-old driver and his 25 year-old female passenger right off broad street at ridge avenue real close. police say both were extremely intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. >> the four other friends as well as independent witnesses were able to give us a description of the vehicle. they said it was a red vehicle
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with black rims, driving low to the ground with a male driver and female passenger. police radio browse casted this flash information and within minutes sixth district officers found the car in the 1300 block of ridge avenue. witnesses were transported to the car and they positively identified the car as the striking vehicle, and they also identified the driver. >> reporter: they found parts of the car left here on north broad street matched with the missing parts of the lexus they have found right around the corner on ridge avenue. the car with temporary new jersey plates, the driver under arrest now, should be thanking both the police and those teenagers and hahnemann's emergency room doctors who happened to be real close, the cops put these victims in their car real fast and all that teamwork saved this six year-old who police say was so gravely hurt they didn't think we survive but he
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has. that is why he has been thanking him because he would be charged with vehicular homicide if that kid did not the pull through, guys. >> good news here. thanks very much, steve. it is going to be a memorial service held today in medford for 22-year old cristina grimmie. former time list on that show the voice was shot and killed a week ago as she was signing autographs after a concert in florida. cristina's mentor on the show was adam le vine and he is paying for her funeral costs. if the ale school district has approved a new policy protecting the rights of transgender students. that policy allows students to be addressed by names and pronounce according to their gender identity. it will also make legal names and sex assigned at birth confidential information. students will also be allowed to use bathrooms and locker rooms and join athletic teams that correspond to the gender that they identify with. new policy takes effect immediately and will apply to all students, staff and teachers. also, it was last meeting of council, they did the soda
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tax, they passed it by a wide margin but opponents say they will not go down without a fight. they plan to challenge this immediately. the tax in court, it is going to be one and a half cents per ounce and it passed by the vote of 13-four, the mayor says it was a huge victory for the cities children, prek initiative that he had, recollect centers and other programs and some of it will go to the general fund. that was a little controversial. marries expected to sign it on monday. it goes into effect january 1st. >> president and vice-president visited with families of the victims and survivors of the orlando terror attacks including fox 29 intern patience carter and her best friend tiara parker. >> it was one of the most amazing things i have ever felt in my life. i would have never thought in a million year i would even be in the same room with the president of the united states, let alone shaking his hand, giving him a hug. that was really big for me. >> patience says meeting the president helps her put aside some of the guilt that allowed her to smile in the wake the of the tragedy. we have had an outpouring of requests, to help patience,
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and so we have placed a lincoln our web site under the scene on tv tab with how you can help. meanwhile, the memorials and tributes to the youngest victims, akyra murray continue. the 18 year-old was west catholic prep graduate was in orlando to celebrate when she was killed. yesterday philadelphia city council woman janey blackwell submitted a resolution to honor her. there is a documentary that this shooter was in that came out in 2012bp oil spill. >> that is where money making is. >> lots of money. >> all about the money, exactly. >> mateen was recorded by an under cover film crew working as a security guard in the clean up site. he was criticizing people who make money off disaster. meanwhile investigators say mateen texted his wife during that attack asking if she had seen the news. she reportedly texted back saying she loved him.
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she tried to call him. officials still will not say if his now widow nora salmon will be charge. in the meantime, today marks one year since the charleston church shooting. do you remember that? one year ago today where nine african-american parishioners studying their bibles were gunned down. it all happened at emmanuel ame church there was a tenth victim that survived. is there the shooter 22-year old dylann roof who later confessed that he committed this shooting in hopes of igniting a race war. it didn't work. he pleaded to federal charges against him. jury selection begins next year. walt disney world resorts is adding alligator warning signs to the property. the change comes after two-year old lane graves of nebraska was attacked by an alligator, dragged into a lake at the grand floridai an resort. medical examiner says he died from drowning and traumatic injuries. the boy was standing in shallow water when authorities say that alligator crept up, and then snatched him away. divers found his body 16 hours later. okay. so, no one ever wants a series
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to go to game seven. cavilers force that had game seven. the score 115-1011. lebron james once again helped his team were 41 points. >> up is just amazing. he is not even human. >> yeah. >> other person who had a lot of attention this year, steph curry, he struggled, man, did he have a tough time. he fouled out in the fourth quarter. gets eject. then, cursing at the referee. then he throws his mouth guard and it hits a fan. so he did get himself under control. did he go over and apologize, he tells the fan i'm sorry about that one. we will have game seven sunday night in oakland. >> we always hear about steph and his wife. well, she was not happy with her husband being thrown out. she got on twitter last night and said i lost all respect, sorry. this is absolutely rigged for money or ratings. i'm not sure which. i won't be silent. just saw it live, sorry. tweet was deleted.
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she apologized saying she tweeted in the heat of the moment. usually she's so quiet, smiling and see their kid and supportive, quiet wife but not last night. >> a lot of people tweeting and facebooking. you watched the game. it was exciting. >> you know, alex, alex said i over did it on the bronzer today, you know, over dit on the bronzer today. so look at this, compared to this guy what is his name. >> colton. >> look at colton. >> do you have to get to school today. >> yes. >> where do you go to school. >> mayfair. >> when are you out. >> july 22nd. >> all right. >> hang in there man. >> my name is samantha. >> are you still in school. >> no, i got out last friday. >> saint matthews. >> nice, saint matthews. >> you all know saint matthews. >> here's cynthia my new friend blowing bubbles.
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blow me a bubble. >> blow mike a bubble. >> there are a lot of people out here at frankford and cottman and while we are blowing bubbles we are lined up for free chickie and pete's fries. that is a good one. >> in audio. >> when it comes to sports, at chickie and pete's they go to go, right. did you have a big crowd last night. >> huge crowd, very much. >> so here's the thing, i know there is a dilemma. this is a truck divided. because you are a. >> warriors fan good and you are a a. >> calves fan. >> yes. >> that is not good. you are working together this morning. >> yes. >> who do you think will win, of course, your team.
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>> steph curry, warriors. >> lebron. >> but how was steph acting last night, what do you think was up. >> refs got in his head, he will be all right. >> acting like a baby. >> people were saying lebron was acting like a baby, a few games ago. but we will be out here all morning, right. giving away free chickie and pete's. come out here. food is good. mike wants it. then you have to toss to sue. >> i will toss to sue in a second but it is no the very often in my career i have been met at a location with a woman with a pre pain tank and a child with a big stick of butter. >> yes. >> look at the camera. >> say hi, mom mom. >> so, propane and butter, what are we making. >> we're making breakfast taco's with a little bit of everything. >> yeah, baby. >> sue, it is my first woman with the pro panning tank. >> i love the smell of propane in the morning. >> i'm half tanked myself. >> i'll tell what you weather
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for the weekend will be like butter, especially saturday and sunday. these are the temperatures, i think we will inch into the 80's on sunday for the fire fly music festival. we have had some rain this morning in dover, delaware but that go away by the even of the day. is there the forecast for mayfair and this is the intersection where mike and alex are this morning. this is a radar picture. we don't see any green there because it is in the raining and we do not the spec it to. wow, out of the woods on that one because i would have been in trouble. increasing amounts of sunshine and should be close to 70 by the end of the morning out there. lots of fun there. do you see how close the rain is. it is in delaware and southern new jersey but this whole system is in the process of moving south, and so if you are at the jersey shore and raining it is not going to last too much longer. same for folks at fire fly and everybody else in dover delaware. eventually all this will move southward so the delaware beaches are get something rain this morning but it will in the last the rest of the day. shore for the weekend looks great. the mid 70's, on the beach,
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both saturday and sunday, plenty of sunshine, ocean water still on the chilly side. we have 80's through fathers day weekend. you are welcomed dad. by monday it is official first day of summer and it will feel like witt temperatures in the upper 80's on monday and tuesday, and we will get some thunderstorms in the afternoon on tuesday, so that is a look at your weather authority forecast, great for the weekend, looking great out there in the northeast right now bob kelly. >> hey sue, good morning everybody. it is a friday, we want everybody on the move, lets do it as we go to the maps north bound on the northeast extension an accident right before the lansdale interchange. lets go outside to the blue route approaching baltimore pike, we will look for heavy volume there ape schuylkill eastbound we have got road work tomorrow, keep in mind heading to the shore early. back here in northeast philadelphia, pat's music, the oldest record store in the city. i remember i used to buy my 45's here.
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check this out. flash dance. what a feeling. slow dance. how about this one, air supply. even the nights are better. you know what come on over here. you're looking for vinyl, looking for 45's. look no further then bobby here at the pennsylvania path's music. we go back to the days when you were located on frankford avenue right here near orthodox. how many years have you been in business. >> seventy-six. >> you are the oldest record store music store in the city. obviously as business changed, times change you guys change here too. what are people coming into buy to a record store now. >> it is a variety of everything. we have cd, dvd, now vinyl and i carry everything. >> you've quip. for dj's. >> yes. >> from the amplifiers to speakers, you have repairs, wires, but look at this northeast philadelphia, the kid take music lessons here. >> yes, which is nice we have
7:20 am
incorporated that into the business. >> guitars, to drums to of course then the supplies that get with all of that guitar strings, the cables, the stands and mike stand and microphone and everything. >> let me ask you new artists coming out now are they putting on the songs on vinyl. >> on vinyl, yes. >> check this out, green day on vinyl. >> do you have the 45 adopter. >> i think we do have that yes. >> if you are looking for anything whether it be record, equipment or the turntables, to play those records, path the path's music here, frankford and cottman in northeast philadelphia, just one of the many business that is keep the mayfair business association here in business, in the great northeast, mike and alex, back to you guys good all right, bob kelly. you can tell bobbies all excited. >> this is his home good his childhood is flashing in front have of him. >> you have to think back. >> what is your story.
7:21 am
>> lebron james joins us now, great game last night, made some history 40 points back to back. >> back to back games in the final. >> cavilers will go all the way, win game seven. >> i hope. >> he doesn't seem so sure because steph curry will they his mouthpiece at you. >> i know what i want, a fox 29 t-shirt made by this guy. is what going on, man. >> good. >> come on over here. >> did you stay up all night making this one. >> yes. >> it looks good. >> we will talk about fathers day if you haven't had your gifts yesterday, you might want to go expensive. difference between mothers day and fathers day. >> alex. >> why don't us dad get the shaft on fathers day. >> because we have to get to work. >> i know it. >> we will be right back.
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i'm going to take a quick survey, moms here, moms. you are a mom. name me a gift you have received for moth are day. >> jewelry. >> jewelry. >> find a dad. >> you're a dad. >> what is a gift you got for fathers day. >> my gosh, all i can remember is my daughter was born on fathers day. >> that is my point. i looked it up, we spend $7 billion more for mothers day then we do for fathers day every year. >> that is a is mag. dos that surprise you more. seven million-dollar more for mothers. >> what is it. >> why do you think that is. >> you guys are hard to shop for. >> what do you want for fathers day. exactly. if you tell us what you want. >> just the love of my daughters, my grand daughters.
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>> lot a this woman right here. this is megan. milky way the producer. she went to nazareth academy. >> i did, i'm a panda for life. >> here's a panda mom. >> that is the nazareth academy carroll. >> yes. >> are they going to sing for us now. >> yes, katie is right there. >> do you run this whole organization. >> i'm the director at nazareth academy. >> what grades are they in. >> ninth through 12th. >> what will they sing. >> beautiful the musical, carroll king, i feel the earth move and on broadway. >> i feel the earth move under my feet. >> well, you do it. >> let's let the professionals do it. >> nazareth academy go pandas. >> wow. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> we release 49 butt are flies for victims down in orlando. so when they wake up they will fine they will selves in a new home. >> thanks very much. we will see new a little bit, in the future over at insect area, this is an amazing tribute we have lost to people of orlando, we will be right back. ♪
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nothing will keep you from magnum double caramel. silky vanilla bean ice cream & rich caramel sauce all covered in thick chocolate. discover magnum, double dipped for double chocolate pleasure. flows into one incredibleh water experienceld you can't find anywhere else. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ ♪ you can find it all only in new york.
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new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at welcome back. getting some selfie is here. hold on. so thinks the actual mazda, ladies and gentlemen, this is it. this is one you could drive away with. we have been waiting for it to show up. it is a cx9. >> it is brand new, isn't it. >> greg, do you want me to open it up for you.
7:31 am
>> it smells good too doesn't it. >> yes, that new car smell for sure. >> do you see that screen. we were trying to figure out how to turn radio on we could not figure on you how to turn down the radio. >> a lot of seats. >> you know what to do, fox >> and go on that home page there and enter to win here. the once every 24 hours. we will announce the finalist in a little bit. >> you better believe it. >> good morning. don't you think it is a beauty. >> absolutely. >> nast days have a big smile on the front of the face, headlights and their grill. >> let's get to our top stories. 7:31. >> a hit and run send two teens to the hospital. >> thinks a really bad one but their friend were out there and they called 911. they called police. they caught suspect driver. lets get right to steve keeley, hi there, steve. >> well, this was a double hit and run. the run didn't last too long
7:32 am
or get too far. look at our video, double hit because two, 16 year-old boy who were riding one bike going south in the northbound lanes here, of the north broad street in front of the new nice restaurants between spring garden and ridge avenue. 1:53 a.m. front tire and wheel of their ten speed bike thrown far from the rest of the smashed bike. two kid knocked out of their nikes. their friend put their bikes down and called 911 instantly describing the red two seat lexus with a man driving and female in the passenger seat. police officers from the sixth district got here in seconds. first cops rushed the the two, 16 year-old quarter mile up broad saving the one kid's life for sure. next officers with the the kid description of what they say was a speeding red lexus, before, and then speed ago way after the crash. found by police two blocks off broad on ridge avenue a rested 349 year-old man driving the
7:33 am
car with the temporary new jersey license tag. and took his 25 year-old female friend passenger in for questioning. both described by police quotas extremely, intoxicated and wreaking of alcohol. so karen and lauren, that guy charged not just with dui but leaving the scene of the accident but lucky, thanks to the cops, the kids, and the surgeons at hahnemann because that tough kid has pulled through so far. >> steve keeley, thank you so much. 7:33. there will be a private memorial service today, in medford, for 22-year old cristina grimmie, former finalist on the show the voice was shot and killed a week ago, as she was signing autographs after a concert that she had in florida. her mentor on the show the voice was adam le vine and he will be paying for her funeral costs. philadelphia school district has adopt aid new policy to protect the rights of the transgendered students that deals with their names, privacy issues, dress codes,
7:34 am
bathrooms, locker room access and allow students to join athletic teams to correspond with their gender identity. new policy takes place immediately and will apply to all student, staff and teachers. >> lets look at headlines right now at 7:34. how about the weather. >> sue serio has it all, in her forecast, hi sue. >> it is not often bus stop buddy has sunglasses and umbrella and that is the case today because conditions are different. we have rain to the the south but some sunshine showing up here in philadelphia this is about to prove it. we see cloud will thin out around the city and this rain will continue to move south and get out of here. right now at philly international we have 65 degrees. we are heading to a high later on of 84 with a warmer afternoon because of the increasing sunshine. this is the trend for the weekend, we're happy to say, 59 degrees tonight with cloudy skies and those clouds will clear. getting ready for more sunshine. will it last through fathers day. we will have that answer in the seven day forecast coming up. bob kelly is with us right now
7:35 am
from the great north east, what are you doing. >> you got it, everybody give a wave, good morning, everybody. we have jammo here in frankford and cottman. lets check jam cams 95 at girard avenue. we are seeing delays from cottman down through that construction zone. we have an accident as we go to the maps northbound on the northeast extension right here before the lansdale interchange. we have left lane blocked there and looking for something to do this weekend, fire fly music festival down in dover delaware at the speed way. have the kid will be late for school. if kid are late, give them a break. mike and alex back to you over the at the mazda. you should come over here, bob. we are having a a fun time. this is emily here. what do you have here, emily. >> flowers that i made out of lolly-pops.
7:36 am
>> so sweet. >> well, open it up. >> we will see it. >> how nice. >> i love that. >> see, typical, the woman gets the gift. >> yes. >> speaking of women, look at this, i was talking to this woman on facebook on the way over here. >> you were. >> can you move your shirt a little bit there. that is my name, say my name, say my name. >> yes, right there. >> so that is for me, right. >> yes. >> right there in the strategic area. >> exactly. >> what do you want me to do. >> sign your belly. >> can you hold this please. >> this might be a first for me in my career. you are pregnant, right. >> i made that mistake before. >> what do you do. i'm not pregnant. >> good day, love.
7:37 am
>> do you have a name. >> skylar. >> now, matt lauer lets see you do that today, all right fish face, top that. >> we will take a break when we come back we will talk to a string band, pretty cool. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. where do you go to school. >> saint jones. >> do you have to go today. >> yes. >> last week of school. >> what grade are you in. >> i'm in fourth grade. they are both in second. >> you all go to the same school. >> yes. >> hey alex, do you want to see magic. >> yes. >> breakfast, boom. >> what is in there. >> there is bob kelly french toast. >> what is that. >> bob kelly french toast. >> yes. >> and we have one with onions and one without onions. >> thanks, we appreciate it. >> just like yourself. >> oh, thank you. >> a little bit of everything. >> we will be down there.
7:41 am
>> okay. >> we have a couple more hours. >> i'm hungry. >> thank you, deal. >> we will have more magic. >> i just got video bombed. >> how are you. >> you are a magician. >> yes. >> can you show south tricks. >> those shoes look painful but that is fine. >> it is cool. >> how are you doing. >> we will show you something real magical. mike, do you like hot dogs. >> yes. >> what do you have in your hand. >> i have a microphone and a mustard. >> does it look looks like real mustard. >> shake it, shake it. >> now watch the magic. >> i will put the mustard in the totally empty bag. i will say the mustard is ketchup. you are in the impressed. turn it back inside. you are not impressed. never mind, forget it. >> wow. >> is that cool, kid.
7:42 am
>> yes. >> i just never understand this magic thing. >> i think it is actually magic. >> yes, look. >> i'll tell you what, come here, pretty girl. aren't you pretty. >> evelyn. >> come on over. >> how old are you. >> eight. >> isis that your husband. >> in. >> you don't have a husband. >> no. >> evelyn, don't move. all i want to you do is tell me which hand do you think the silk is n pick a hand. >> this one. >> why would you say this hand. >> i like you. >> i will do this again. don't move. look at the what we will do. >> pick a hand. the don't move, pick a hand. >> don't go away. >> pick a hand. >> no, i will do this one more time. >> i will tell what you, don't move, watch. all i want to you does tell me which hand do you think this is in. >> don't move. >> pick another hand. >> no. >> don't move, alex.
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>> don't move. >> you had it all along, alex. >> i'm sorry, i didn't know i had it. >> how can people get in touch with you. >> we're located at 7516 frankford avenue, we have clowns, magicians, face painters, we have everything. >> sexy. >> really. >> yes. >> we have moon bounces. >> yes. >> we are located at 7516 frankford avenue, our entertainers are licensed and insurance. >> thanks very much. >> that was pretty cool. >> we will go away for about two minutes. >> that is it, we will be right back.
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good morning everybody. wait until you see what i have have lined up next. lets get you outside the front door as we check jam cams, live look at 42 freeway seeing volume coming toward the city. lets go to the roosevelt boulevard, watch for delays working your way down towards the schuylkill expressway as we go to the maps an accident north on the turnpike at lansdale. look out heading to the shore
7:47 am
only one lane on the ramp from the expressway to the parkway, so you may want to take a pretzel for the ride to the shore. talk about a pretzel we are in front of the philadelphia pretzel factory. this is the original store. >> this started in may 1998 is where we are started out at, we started in this neighborhood. since then it has grown to over 152 units. >> have you had smell-o-vision it smells delicious when you go inside there. take a look at the what we have, you are opened to the public here. you make pretzels that get out to the stores and the schools, and other businesses. >> absolutely. >> all of the schools. we made something special for everybody here today. we have images of everybody and we had our creative people here come up with pretzel faces. >> so, this is, i will not tell you who, take a look, who may that be. lets go to the next one. down here, so this is a longer hair, kind of give you a hint.
7:48 am
and then this one here, okay. so adam, i want to you think bit for a second, are you ready. can we reveal? lets go to this one right here. who is that. >> that is mike. >> that is mike. >> who is this. >> yours. >> me. >> beep, beep, you got it, gang. >> who is this next one here. >> sue. >> and then we have alex. >> and alex. >> we will bring pretzels for everybody today, and you know what, folks heading to the shore, swing by and get a bag of pretzels. how is the weather at the shore this weekend? sue has the answer in 15 seconds. 7:48. you heard play was suspended
7:49 am
at u.s. open today. maybe a few showers this morning but fantastic weekend. folks driving out from our area out to pittsburgh and you can see as we look at oakmont about 14 miles northeast of pittsburgh, things will be fine. we will see that u.s. open here on fox 29 this weekend. as far as rain for our area, yes, there is some but it is all south of philadelphia. it is continuing to move south. even if it is raining on you right the now it went for the rest of the day at least not later on. we've merging sunshine, mid 80's today. eighty-two. low humidity tomorrow. fathers day looks fantastic and monies the first day of summer and that will be pretty nice, as well, pretty hot too. eighty-seven. that is your seven day forecast, lets get back out to the great north east with mike and alex, hi. >> what is your name. >> angelina. >> and cindy. >> kayla. >> you live in the the northeast here. >> yes. >> beautiful family. >> thank you very much. >> nicely done.
7:50 am
>> should we do a 360. there are a lot of people out here. there is doctor mike do you see doctor mike over there. >> keep going. >> it is a really good crowd here. i need to know how many people were coming out. >> yes. >> it is a nice crowd. >> one of the jewels of the northeast, general general. >> yeah guys, get this, they not only have one running group, they have four or five running groups and they run through here all the time. look at this, sometimes there is amazing concerts. that is super fun too. of course, we have the trail runners, we have run 215 and look good morning, but you are penny pack, you guys are the penny pack trail runners and you started this. >> yes, i'm daniel graham, founder and co leader. >> why did you think we needed this. >> well, i moved here recently, didn't have a trail running group and decided to
7:51 am
create one. we have two groups. i'm leader of our experience group, we run four to 6 miles every a saturday morning at 8:30. chuckies a leader of our casual group. >> we decide that had we had runners coming out and sometimes they were intimidated by the large group and you know some times our runners are ultramarathoners or at least they thought they were. our eye tea was to create a group that could be walk/run, whatever they really needed to do. >> it is really cool. >> people from 215 are here. there is another group you are about of that is a beer drinking group. >> yeah, we are, it is called torresdale beer runners, and they are the gang in the gray shirts. >> yes. >> we meet on tuesday evenings and if you check us out on facebook you will fine us that
7:52 am
there. people that will do a walk/run. >> sound casual fit is beer drinking. >> you have to be casual with a beer. >> it is not just running on city streets but finding the trails in the city of philadelphia. >> penny pack park is so awesome because it offers an oasis of trails in the city. a lot of people don't even know it is here. if you want to run with us, we are here saturday morning at 8:30. we meet at pine road entrance. >> and run 215 they are every where. run 215. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> i want to say i will come run with you guys, with the beard, that is a big motivator. >> that is actually wednesday. >> yes. >> i can see you doing this as well mike and alex. >> hold on we're getting a selfie. >> is what your name. >> haley. >> how old are you. >> thirteen. >> where do you go to school. >> philadelphia academy
7:53 am
charter. >> very nice. >> nicely done. >> speaking of school, woman with the most even why i in the entire northeast, is what your name. >> my name is angela. >> you are all wired. >> mayfair teaches luck i'm here to support our schools, teachers, students and family and say mayfair teachers rock. go mayfair. >> have you had any coffee today. >> no, none. >> i watch you guys every morning. >> thank you for that. just want to make sure i will watch sue to see what the weather is like. >> are you watching naked. >> oh, no. >> okay. for people who do drink coffee there was some concerns about something that came out, we will clear things out with doctor mike. is it bad to drink coffee, hot coffee.
7:55 am
one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
7:56 am
here we are. >> it big intersection at frankford and cottman. a lot of people here.
7:57 am
we are having a great time. >> where are you headed, is that a school uniform. >> i'm going to school good what school. >> mayfair i have heard of it. >> what grade are you in. >> sixth grade. >> i remember sixth grade. >> yeah. >> no, i don't. >> i know sixth grade is very hard. >> it gets harder but it is he kay, you got it. >> another reason to drink coffee, huge study, world health organization has said that if you drink coffee, it will prolong your life, and reduce your risk of uterine cancer, that is good for you, mike and liver cancer. so yet another reason to drink coffee, it reduces your risk of diabetes, alzheimer's, liver cancer, cirrhosis, you name it, drink your coffee.. >> you want to have as much as you can, as long as you don't have a heart problem. >> coffee is so good that juan valdez should get a noble
7:58 am
prize. >> i remember those commercials you don't want to put heavy cream and sugar in it. you want to, the coffee itself is the best thing. i'm telling you folks, drink your coffee you will live a long life and be healthy. >> unaudible. >> tea is good. >> tea is good too but coffee is better. >> okay. >> why does that study change all the time. i have been doing this show for 48 years and every other week coffee study is different. >> is this it. >> this is it. they looked at a thousand studies, a thousand, and all of these experts came by and they say, you know what, lets look at coffee and does it or does it not cause cancer. it actually reduces your risk. >> i drink the skinny vanilla latte. >> does that count. >> yes, exactly right. >> is that considered a coffee drink at this point. >> well... >> well, what happens is people put a lot of sugar on a
7:59 am
lot of coffee and they make it not as good as i could. >> be thanks for coming out. >> i have a statement. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> i love these people in mayfair. >> we love them. >> love you guys. >> we love it so much, yes. >> lets do two more hours, starting right now. another hit and run. two teenage boys, struck in spring garden, what they were doing when they were hit and whom police are questioning right now. a special meeting, president obama consoling the survivors of the orlando massacre, including our own patience carter. >> the most powerful people in the world coming around shaking individual hand and giving hugs. >> his major message to
8:00 am
grieving families this morning. concert collapse, rocker meat life collapses on stage this canada. what we are learning about his health. >> a swift move, taylor swift moving on quickry after her break up with calvin harris where she was spotted now with her new man. >> wow. >> now we're ready to go. >> look who it is. >> how are you. >> good to see you again. >> i'm wonderful. welcome to northeast philadelphia we have a nice little demonstration for alex and mike. alex, mike you both look wonderful. are you ready to learn a little martial arts. >> yes. >> let's learn. >> remind everybody, do you remember him from ten years ago, he got married on our show. where is the beautiful wife. >> there she is.
8:01 am
>> yeah. >> beautiful alycia gallagher. >> we renewed your vows. >> two weeks ago. >> thank you so much again. fox you are the best. >> still married. >> yes, happily. >> working together every day, teaching little kids, teaching adults how to live a healthy lifestyle. >> do you want to do a demonstration. >> alex, you are up first. let's get rid of this. >> help me out, please. >> first thing we have to do here, i'll just stand here. keep your arms out. if you can keep me away from you, life is good. life isn't too good, it will be a little more dangerous. so what i want you to do keep your hand out in front of me. i will get frustrated. i will slap your hand out of the way. when i slap your hand you collapse that elbow to the face: don't do it hard. one, two, three, no. i will try to hit you. you keep me away with the hand. i slap your hands, now,
8:02 am
listen. >> we have to check this out. steve, where are you at. >> right through the middle, one, two, three, go. >> yes. >> you want it, you want it. >> i'm scared. >> you don't get this today. mike, little more dangerous for you. i will get new a match. you have to pull my arm down. broke the arm grab the head, throw him down. >> wow.
8:03 am
>> where is my board. >> having a lot of fun with you guys. >> you are the best. >> i think you should get tattooed up. >> we have a number of the day that is a tough act to follow, let the me tell you. seven out of ten. we did start off with rain to the south of us. it is still out there we have sunshine. temperatures in the 60's. do you see rain moving to the south, it is slowly getting out of here. at the airport we have a temperature of 68 degrees. warming up nicely with just that little bit of sunshine. we expect mid 80's by end of the day. warmer then yesterday when we might i had to 70.
8:04 am
tonight we are down to 59. that is a good forecast. the wait until you see the weekend outlook for fathers day and whatever else you are doing this weekend, it is 804. bob kelly in the northeast too, what are you doing. >> sue, good way to get weekend started is taking the sweety home some flowers. i will show you where to get them in a second. lets get you started, tgif, as we go outside and check the jam cams this morning. watch for heavy volume on 422, eastbound working your way in towards trooper, as we go to the maps, lincoln highway after first avenue an accident near coatsville. we have that turnpike accident, just cleared out of the way at lansdale. the traffic still backed up. we will find normal slow downs, speedometer readings there in northeast philadelphia back here live, check out this tradition, good morning, to fox 29 good day, compliment of the torresdale flower show. lets go ahead inside this spot has been here 60 some using.
8:05 am
hello there. >> hi there, bob. >> sixty years. you have had it for 16. >> sixteen years. >> take a crew through here. you have everything from fresh flowers. >> to chocolate, to cards, to anything that you need to make somebody happy and smile. >> what is cool about this is obviously the neighborhood folks walk by busy stretch of frankford avenue. do i see check late covered pretzels in there. >> yes, you do. >> lets go back to that. spin around, george. we have fresh flowers. is what a popular item to grab like if you just wanted to surprise your sweety, your sugar pie. >> a nice loose bunch of flowers for $10 people grab them. >> a good way to just make people smell. >> yes, a good smile. torresdale flowers, right across from the mayfair diner. now antoinette, maybe i should get some flowers here to maybe kind of -- >> sure, make your wife smile
8:06 am
for the weekend. >> what do you have. >> i have some beautiful roses and some lily is i hope she's not watching. >> you cannot say you got them from me. >> you got it. torresdale flowers having some fun in northeast philadelphia mike and alex back to you up the street at frankford and cottman. >> wow. >> they are amazing. >> look at this. >> my goodness. >> american can kick. >> wow. >> i don't know how they do it. >> watch this now. >> we have been practicing now. come on. >> you just want me to hurt myself. help me out. pump me up. >> here we go. >> go, go, go. >> yes. >> she did that all by herself. >> that is why it hurts.
8:07 am
>> okay. >> we have lost her. >> we have to get her something bigger. >> lauren and karen. >> she will have a headache. >> lets get to a developing story in spring garden, hit and run send two teenagers to the hospital. the witnesses help police catch up to that suspected driver. >> lets get out to the scene and steve keeley. good morning, steve. >> reporter: fortunately for everybody involved, including the hit and run driver, this is not a deadly hit and run which police initially feared it was probably going to be because one of the two kids hit both on the same bike was hit so bad and had such awful head trauma, but the cops saved his life by getting him down the street to hahnemann right away and surgeons have done a miracle saving his life. this 16 year-old kid pretty tough himself. five teens on four bikes, riding south, in the northbound broad street lanes here toward city hall, when the bike with the the two kids on it was hit, head on, but the other teens, nearby, say with a speeding red sports
8:08 am
car. they called 911 and they put their bikes down. because the cops got here so fast they just as fast, caught the guy, driving the car, and just two blocks up and right off broad street on ridge avenue they say that he and his female passenger were extremely intoxicated and wreaked of alcohol got to the kid, they get him to the hospital. they identified the parts missing from the car matched the parts left in the street here among all of the evidence markers. you can see how mangled that ten speed bike was on. front tires and wheel. smashed and thrown 50-yard from the rest of the bicycle. this 34 year-old male driver, now at the round house, drunk driving, monk the many charges that he will face, probably a long time, karen and lauren, before this guy gets behind legally, this wheel of this red lexus or any other car.
8:09 am
>> well, we're glad they got those people and got them in custody. steve, thanks very much. 8:08. we will continue with our top stories. a private funeral services will be held in medford for 23 year-old cristina grimmie, the former finallal list on the voice the shot and killed a week ago as she signed autographs after a cons inert orlando. the cristina's mentor on the show adam le vine, is paying for funeral costs. viewing services will be held at 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. the memorial begins at 8:00 o'clock. president obama and vice-president biden, were there in orlando, to meet and visit with the families of the victims and also the survivors. two of the survivors, we know pretty well, patience cart shore works here as fox 29 as a intern air her best friend tiara parker. they are both from philadelphia. patience said that meeting was incredible. >> it didn't seem rehearsed or stage, it seemed like he truly cared about us and our pain.
8:10 am
it was most amazing experience i have ever felt in my life. >> president obama says lawmakers to have work together to prevent this kind of home grown terror, the white house has continue to reiterate for support for legislation to ban assault weapons. >> all right, mike and alex, we will toss things back to you guys. how are you. >> hey, guys. >> you know, i'm a little board. >> how is your head. >> a little pain. >> lets bring in city officials. this is time of the show we write in the city or county officials, these are the mayfair officials. let's start with you, how are you. >> state representative john taylor, mike. >> good to have you here. >> city councilman at large al taubenberger. >> city councilman bobby heene an. >> isn't bobby heene an a wrestler. >> yes, you are driving today. >> so what did you think of the soda tax yesterday.
8:11 am
>> we have a boo already. >> mayor, city council was able to come up with a compromise. we look forward to building up park, recreation and putting quality have of life. >> i thought it was supposed to go to prek. >> it is going to three or four things, prek being one. giving our children a nice quality education, and our prek system as well as our parks and recreation as well as our unfunded liability. >> i was a in vote. city wide issue, city wide tax, i didn't agree with it but we have a budget now and we will move forward. in the end it will be a good programs, prek is needed. i was always for the program. >> here's the swing vote, the third man. >> mike, i'm a state official, so i wasn't in council. we have our own budget problems. >> you can still have a problem. >> i'm not crazy about the soda tax but i think they had a compromise. >> we're the only big city in
8:12 am
america that did this. should we be proud of that. >> we are a city of first, we take pride in the neighborhood. we passed a budget that will improve quality of life with our neighborhood just like mayfair pride we have here this morning. >> how many people live in mayfair. >> approximately 30,000 people. >> good place. >> great place to shop and live. >> fire fighters, law enforcement. >> yes, teachers, building trades, working class middle class philadelphians right here. >> proud of mayfair. >> absolutely. >> how proud. >> very proud. >> i'm fired up. >> put your face against this board. >> it will happen. >> my face. >> hit it. >> yes. >> yes. >> mayfair proud. >> yes. >> break it up, mike.
8:13 am
>> break it up.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
we have some clouds around and still no rain. it looks like the rain we have been watching all morning is starting to move southward and here we see it on ultimate doppler radar going in the right direction, way. if you you are in dover delaware you will not see too much rain. there is oakmont, try, and that is where the u.s. open is, much of which you will see over the weekend on fox 29. so there is a look at that rain moving south and good riddings. we can see it now leaving dover area, beaches as well, it is just about clear. cape may county, rehoboth, won't be with us too much longer. seven day forecast has a excellent weekend with lower 80's for saturday. fathers day sunday. 86 degrees. summer starts on monday. it will be appropriately hot with a high of 87. rest of the seven day is warm. we will get thunderstorms in the afternoon on tuesday that will cool things off a little bit on wednesday and thursday. so lots to enjoy, weather-wise, this weekend and lots of fun, in the north east, for good day drives you
8:17 am
this morning, let get traffic with bob kelly. where are you now? breakfast, of course. >> i'm having, yeah, i need a time out. they put me in time out. time for breakfast at famous mayfair diner. check this out, what do we have here. >> creamed chipped beef. >> you got to have creamed chipped beef coming to the northeast. >> lets check jam cams this morning. route 30 bypass, westbound, watch for an accident at business route 30 there. then we have an overturn tractor trailer on the new jersey turnpike southbound on the ramps to 322. we have within lane blocked there. april accident on lincoln avenue. we will have your normal traffic on i-95 and schuylkill expressway. back here at the mayfair diner. it has been in business, hey, can i get a coffee. put it right down there. there is the original picture of the mayfair dine are back in 1932. what is this fellow's name. >> what is his name.
8:18 am
>> joey. >> how old are you. >> nine. >> doing a good job. >> can we get this guy a job. there you go. mike and alex, back to you guys. >> thanks, bob. >> intern alexa come here. we're live here. >> can you fix my hairy was trying to tell him it is all over the place. >> i don't know it is not that bad. >> wow. >> it is okay. >> it is fine. >> alexa, alexa. >> northeast high school in the house. >> yes you are in what grade. >> twelfth grade. >> you where to graduate. >> next monday, so excited. >> how many seniors do we have. they are excited. >> what are you going go to sing for us? we are about to sing seasons of love from rent and i think
8:19 am
home. >> is what the name of the choir. >> northeast players. >> well, play on, players. >> here we go. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:20 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
there is lots of selfies and things going on here. >> look at his tail. >> shake that tail. >> do you mine separating for a second, we are trying to show off this car here. this is if you are just joining us the actual car we are giving away.
8:24 am
>> this is it. >> this is what you can win mazda cx9, it is so fresh you will not even see it out on the street. >> you are so fresh. >> did you hear this guy just said savanna is adorable. look at the camera, savanna. say hi. >> yes. >> well, you go to fox, get on the home page, click on the banner and see the mazda cx9, click event tore win here. you can do this once every 24 hours. >> here's the problem, tom, here's the problem. so should i not bother because you said you will win this. >> that is mine already, yes, sir, give me the keys now. >> don't believe him, you can still enter to win. >> lets get talk to -- >> hi. >> we're locate on oakmont and frankford avenue we have
8:25 am
cannolis for you. >> so sweet. >> we appreciate it. >> you are my little cannoli. >> boom. >> thank you. >> you know father judge. >> yes. >> famous father judge high school. lets get over here. they have a robotics club. >> look at this. >> right in the crosswalk. >> who is the best talker here. >> hello. >> is it you. >> who are you. >> mike. >> i teach physics and run robotics program at father judge. >> do you consider yourself mechanical misfits. >> yes, yes. >> why is that. >> because we don't fit anyplace else. >> what is this. >> this is a robot that plays a game called strong hold, supposed to attack and it goes over barriers and shoots boulder. >> who made it. >> these guys made it. >> say your name and what grade. >> my name is andrew, i'm a junior. >> angelo i'm a junior.
8:26 am
>> i'm jay, junior. >> chris i'm a freshman. >> how many hours did you spend making that robot. >> would you think we were given six weeks to build it, design phase, building phase and then any other final completions. >> so what will these guys be, mechanical engineers. >> angelo is thinking about electrical engineer, william mechanical engineer. that is real value of the program. it gives high school kid, the ability to find out what it is like to be an engineer. >> hey mike good to see you. >> nice meeting you. >> father judge. >> yeah. >> this must be the art class, um. >> give me names real fast. >> ryan. >> lee. >> zach. >> eve. >> christian. >> well, look at that. >> this is all good students here. >> they did a great job this year. >> beautiful. >> look at this. >> thinks a mixture of different students over the years, some of them this year.
8:27 am
this is a student could not be here today but he won first place this year. >> congratulations, kid. nicely done. >> jen, you are an artist in your own right, on many levels. >> thank you, mike. mike, i have some new friends for you, to touch and get up close and personal with, we're with one of my favorite places, look at this guy, very busy. >> of course, that is what that is, we will introduce to you new friend and have have some myths busted when it comes to coming bug knowledge. man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
8:28 am
hey, playing is a lot of fun. (man) wow. (male off-screen announcer) what's it feel like to win $100,000 home makeover, with top prizes of a hundred grand? (man) whoa. it's amazing. yes! (male off-screen announcer) with instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, the instant you play could be the instant you win. keep on scratchin'.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ >> where are you from. >> i'm from mayfair.
8:31 am
>> nicely done. >> bob kelly, but you can have them because he is not here but you can have them. >> he is here, he is around them somewhere. >> you brought those for bob kelly. >> yes. >> your name is liz. >> get out of here. >> why are you giving them to us. >> well, he loves the jelly doughnut. that is very nice. >> this dude back hearsays come back down to the pretzel factory. >> yes, they have a special surprise for you. >> is it twisted. >> twisted pretzel. >> he is making his jokes again. >> it was kind of salty wasn't it. >> yes. >> okay. we are here, at the insectarium. >> is that the name. >> absolutely. >> so you are literally the bug doctor. >> that is me, i have fallen into that role. >> so you have redone the
8:32 am
place for people who have not seen it in the a while. what do you have on your shoulder. >> this is rosie, one of our tarantulas that we let people hold. super nice unless she's feeling cranky but she's not right now. >> what do you have in your cup. >> so these are really cool insect is here. i wanted to show you was just how small these things start out and how big they get. do you see this tiny one right there. that is a baby insect. from australia. they get bigger and bigger. if they turn in the male they are weird thing with the wings on my thumb. female are huge and scary and equally benign. >> i was going to say scary looking but they cannot hurt you. >> no. >> people are afraid. >> these right here, these are how we get ties for fat are day. >> we have silk worms here because they are so happy to eat you don't to have put the top on the cage.
8:33 am
>> you can see some cacoons, we will see yellow ones. >> yes. >> because you are lucky we have a couple here in the middle of making their cacoons. >> that is coolly don't know if you can see that. >> look at that. >> my last thing that i have to see, my man came in last minute and pick up that guy like it was no big deal. >> yes. >> these are the largest millipieds in the world. >> and finally,. >> you cannot end any other way then with the most beautiful madgascar hissing cock roach. >> yes. >> everybody has to have one and so do we. >> we have talk about a myth. one of the things you specialize in is stink bugs. >> yes. >> so am i supposed to squeeze them or put them in the tissue and throw them away. >> you can get rid of them however you want but if you think you will stop them from smelling by taking them
8:34 am
outside and releasing them it will still stink. just squeeze them as fast as you can and maybe they won't but you will not be attracting more stink bugs. that is a myth. >> thank you very much. >> from the doctor himself. sue, this is a question you have asked many, many times, with all of the rain, do you squish it or put it in the tissue. said it is okay to squish. >> you cannot go wrong. >> i'm's so grateful for that advice, very timely. we have bus stop buddy here. we took away umbrella because rain is in the process of leaving. there is some to the south, temperatures in the 60's. we will show you here on exactly what i'm talking about with the rain down in southern delaware now. that is bit. it looks like it has cleared out of cape may county. hopefully clouds will clear as well. we have a current temperature of 68 degrees and we are home going up from here with increasing sunshine. we will get to a high of 84. sunset at 8:32.
8:35 am
bob kelly in the north east, it is last friday of spring, summer starts on monday, yeah. >> look who i found, our friend from master chef. i love your on it fit. you were on tv. how did the whole experience go for you. >> the experience on the show was just amazing, one of the best experiencing of my life. >> there you go. you are coming to eat at mayfair diner. introduce your family. i remember this guy. >> ricker. >> yes. >> this is my little sister katie. >> you have a new baby brother. >> this is my new baby brother jackson. >> my god, congrats, mom. >> lets check jam cams heading out the front door on a friday morning northeast philadelphia a is yum pink and so is route 40 bypass, westbound right at business route 30 down to one lane with an accident there we have an overturn vehicle north on i-95 at street road, that is off to the shoulder and overturn tractor trailer on the new jersey turnpike
8:36 am
southbound at the ramps to route 322. back here live at the famous mayfair diner in northeast philadelphia. i needed to take a break from all that craziness and i'll tell you what mike and alex, i saw jelly doughnut that lady brought them by. i was able to count them. i'm coming out for my jelly doughnuts in just a second. back to you guys. >> oops. >> he might be disappointed. >> there is not even half one left. >> peanut chews made in the great northeast. >> that is correct. we're on state road. >> peanut chews. >> okay. >> can you start throwing them. >> yes, making it rain peanut chews. >> have you every heard of something called a beer mosa.
8:37 am
>> let me get out of the way. we will explain what a beer mosa is, i know what a momosa is. >> we will explain after the break from mayfair. ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
nothing will keep you from magnum double caramel. silky vanilla bean ice cream & rich caramel sauce all covered in thick chocolate. discover magnum, double dipped for double chocolate pleasure.
8:40 am
well, hold on now, isn't there a age limit to win the mazda cx9. >> would i think. >> this little kid, has his hand on a key, look at that. he might drive away. >> get your learners permit what at 15 these days. >> yes. >> i don't think he is 15. >> get your hand off the keys. >> it is a great suv for kids because you can fit nine people in there. >> lots of room. >> let's drink. >> who are you. >> i'm trish from the great lodge. >> what is that. >> it is a wonderful bar down on frankford avenue 6235
8:41 am
frankford avenue. >> what do you do there. >> i'm a bartender. >> what do you do. >> i am the owner/manager. >> did you come up with the the beer mosa. >> no, one of our really smart bartenders did. >> what did ace beer mosa. >> it is beer and a orange juice, wheat beer mixed with orange youth good did you lose your minor something, or what was reasons for this. >> easier to have witt beer then open up a entire bottle of champagne and just as delicious it is kind of a mayfair mom osa. >> yes. >> yes. >> it is a little bit more orange juice then beer. >> little less beer. >> yes. >> and then the beer. >> okay, there you go. >> we have within right here for you. >> so it is just a shake. >> yes. >> mayfair mom osa. >> that is what you should
8:42 am
call it. >> i think you are right. >> i got to tell you, that is not bad. >> do you like it. >> you will be famous for inventing the mayfair momosa. >> i cannot take all of the credit for it. >> beer mosa or momosa. >> yes. >> beer mosa. >> yes. >> well, okay. you can say that. >> okay. >> i know, he just check it. >> shade. >> all the way. >> putting down some sun. >> some sun. >> listen to this, we have serious news to talk about even though we are having fun on this friday. meat loaf. >> he collapsed on stage. >> you know the singer meat loaf. >> he collapsed at a concert. >> we need an update. >> we will get to dax.
8:44 am
♪but i'm not gonna let 'em catch me, no no,♪ ♪not gonna let 'em catch the midnight rider,♪ ♪yeaaahh... ♪but i'm not gonna let 'em catch me nooo♪ ♪not gonna let 'em catch the midnight riiiiiiiideer!♪
8:45 am
there he is looking sleek, shiny, beautiful, mazda cx9, you can win it from fox 29 and in about an hour, we will announce this weeks finalist. to possibly win that gorgeous,
8:46 am
automobile. still has new car smell. it is literally right off of the assembly lines. it is brand new. >> we will look at the rain that has been hitting the sun in part of our viewing area all morning long but it is continuing to move out, from north to south. so, rehoboth still getting some rain. maybe a sprinkle or two in cape may but won't last all day. you will have beach time later this afternoon. and, still in time. diamond backs are still in town. we have blue jays, and game time tonight at 7:05. there will be cloud around but should be a decent night, comfortable with 75 degrees. and, most importantly, it is not going to rain. as we look at the seven day forecast, fathers day weekend, fabulous. 82 degrees on saturday. we will see humidity go down. 86 degrees on sunday. monday first day of summer and it will be appropriately hot. stays hot on tuesday before thunderstorms hit. back to the mid 80's by
8:47 am
wednesday of next week. the decent seven day forecast, who is having fun in the north east? bob kelly is. what is going on. oh, no, mike and alex time. >> bob kelly is here too. we're always having a great time in mayfair. >> we have to do some news. lets get out to hollywood because singer/performer meat loaf, he has been around forever. >> he collapsed on the stage in the concert. we need to check in on how he is doing, dax. >> hey, good morning, guys. so meat loaf, very well known singer, 68, had a very scary moment last night. he was in edmond ton can inadequacies at the jubilee auditorium and performing and right in the middle of i would do anything for love, he stopped singing, grabbed the mike stand and then fell over and collapsed on stage. right when it first happened people in the audience were laughing thinking he was doing something goofy, and then
8:48 am
after the realization, sets in, that he was having some kind of serious medical condition or issue, and obviously everyone comes on stage to check on him and he laid there motionless for minutes as people were all trying to tend to him. you can see panic set in throughout the crowd. people very concerned about him. i wish i could give you more of an update as to his current medical condition but we are all waiting for his representatives to fill us in on what exactly went down. i can tell you he did cancel quite a string of shows, for undisclosed illness but as of right now everyone is kind of holding on waiting for some kind of an update on how he is doing this morning. >> that is scary stuff. the fact that he was laying there, very scary. >> well, do you want to talk about taylor swift in our area a lot of people love taylor swift. we know she broke up with calvin harris. she has pictures with the new
8:49 am
guy, tom. maybe it is just a fling. this might be serious, dax. >> well, it is seeming serious. so her and tom huddleston who people necessity from the four movies he play lekey in the thor movies. they have been spotted together. there was footage of them kissing on the rocks near her home in rhode island and then they got on a private jet leaving her home, and it seems like they must be doing pretty well. they met right before the met gala, the night before and then hung out at the after parties. only issue with that is she was still dating calvin harris at that time and it seems like calvin was very upset about the whole situation. he unfollowed her on twitter. he deleted their instagram photos. this might be more serious then calvin not so happy about it. >> i mean if you are going on a trip it has got to be serious. you don't take women on trips
8:50 am
you are not serious about. >> well... >> maybe not. >> you know, a little fling, just a fling, it doesn't mean it will last forever. >> it is no the a official vacation. >> that is risky to go off to a caribbean island for a week with somebody you just met. it could go south on the first day you know what i mean. >> no, i don't know what you mean but i'm listening. >> then you are stuck looking at each other for six more days good okay. >> must be so horrible. >> then you have to fake a phone call and get back to the states. >> you don't do that, not when you have to get on the plane. >> okay. >> your life is so interesting. >> somebody said would you cut the fox 29 logo in my head. >> willing to do that. >> i would have to see this. >> lets do it after the break. >> okay.
8:51 am
8:52 am
after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
8:53 am
alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy? are we moving? where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months. plus, find your tag and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer
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♪ >> impressive right there. >> that is main attraction, bon jovi. >> got to love it let's jump april cross the river to mayfair section of the philadelphia. >> hi mayfair. >> hi. >> so, i told you, before the break there was a young man who said i will let you and i want a fox 29 logo cut in the back of my head. >> yes. >> how are you doing. >> is what your name. >> you are cute. >> how old are you. >> eight. >> this is my buddy. >> yes, adorable. >> can we do this.
8:55 am
>> pleased to meet you. >> i heard of the hair wizard that is on frankford avenue. >> yes. >> here we go. >> he looks happy to have this cut into his head. >> yes. >> are you happy. >> yes. >> he a says why do you want fox 29. >> because i like the show. >> exactly. >> so you are the one doing it. >> yes. >> okay. >> how old are you sebastian. >> nine. >> who do we have over there. >> who are you. >> unaudible. >> what are we go to go do. >> i am just finishing up on her, i finished up with a design and a new haircut right now. looking like we have a little bit more play work and she will be out of here getting red to work. >> i will do fox 29 and add a little extra flavor to it. >> i know what it is. >> we want to see while you work. >> we will get him started but it will be a whole art thing. >> you look at the art here on phone like sky line of philadelphia or whatever.
8:56 am
>> i will do the outline of philadelphia a and then i will put the fox 29 in the middle and maybe add little bit extra to it. >> yes good okay. >> if you have a instagram page too. >> yes, we do. >> hair wizard barber shop, one word. >> we will see this by ten. >> we will have this done within 45 minutes. >> that is about all the time we have. >> you will leave this in your head a little bit. >> yes. >> are you out of school already. >> no, no yet. >> all of the kid will see it. >> it will be gone by midnight. >> bob kelly. >> good morning. >> do you want fox 29 shaved in your head. >> you did it the last time, fox 29 the last time. >> well, let's take a break, we have one more hour in mayfair come back in two minutes and dot 9:00 o'clock hour. you know what that is all about, may him. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
8:57 am
if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili
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could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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he is trying to get ready. he is grumpy, he's fine. >> welcome back. >> it is a party now that we have these shirts on. >> it is a party when the fanatic shows up. >> i love it. i love it. >> i love the hawaii shirt they are giving out on sunday for fathers day. >> ready to dot hawaii dance. >> thank you, brother. >> yeah. >> it is all in the middle, is that the key, fanatic. >> i know it. >> i know it. >> this is special too because we are getting ready for fathers day. this is friday before fathers day our last show here we have a special message for you. oh, tads don't get credi


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